Friday, January 8, 2010

Are Nail Salons the number one spreader of Nail Fungus?

yes as they use same tools for many people and dont take to disinfect it hence the end result is bad nails and allergy

Are there any beauty salons that will perform the MALE equivalent of a ';bikini wax';?

i.e. removing the hair from the male pubic region?Are there any beauty salons that will perform the MALE equivalent of a ';bikini wax';?
Yes try the spas they are very discreet men and women both can go. your in a private room and you can have what every your heart desires to be done.Are there any beauty salons that will perform the MALE equivalent of a ';bikini wax';?
They don't discriminate. Be sure you wear high cut underwear. They don't do nude.
Yeah.. you have to call around though... where do you live.. that would be helpful... in my city we have a Male geared salon that does that..
Naked balls? So unattractive. You'll look like you're 5.
Dude, that would look weird. I wouldnt do it
I would think any salon would provide this service. Anyone can be waxed, they do not use special equiptment for a male or anything, same kind of hair, same wax. Call around in your area, that way you can maintain annonymity if you are feeling shy. Good luck!
A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

I was wondering if anyone knew of any natural hair salons in the South Georgia or North Florida area? Thanks?

Deandra, My best friend owns a salon in Georgia but I can't remember the name of it. Here's a list of salons that might help.

How long can the U.S. sustain itself with nail salons, burger joints, and coffee shops?

don't forget the all important shoe stores and thrift shops. my own town has suffered some. never thought i'd see it here, but once high dollar real estate downtown now has thrift shops. the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom barred chain places like McDs etc from opening stores in the downtown business core so we don't have burger shops per se, but we have coffee every three steps. i don't know how long we can hold out. i think the city is advertising for roommates.How long can the U.S. sustain itself with nail salons, burger joints, and coffee shops?
Do you have a solution to this supposed problem or are you just blowing hot air?

I think America will do just fine as the world financial center, which we are, and where trends say we are heading. Having a world-leading Financial industry is a much better choice for a prosperous civilization than manufacturing or agriculture, anyway. For one thing, nobody wants to go to war with their number 1 customer, nor would they want to go to war with a guy who has all their money. Secondly, being the world's preeminent financiers means that we are disgustingly rich. That means a society that is focused on science and the arts instead of stamping pieces of metal or sowing wheat seeds. That means self-actualizing jobs in the pursuit of dreams instead of dead-end jobs staring at a conveyor belt until retirement.

Historical Venice is a good example of a civilization that built its power on finance. It built a vast trade empire and was hugely influential in its time despite being a city-state with poor natural resources, all because Venice had an incredibly powerful financial sector. All of Italy became known for it's powerful banks, and this in turn is what fueled the Italian Renaissance, and the reason we have things like modern art and rocket ships and human liberty.

America, unlike Venice, Florence, or Rome, has the added bonus of being a natural resource rich land, so we will always have fall back industries in the event of decline in wealth. The U.S will be around for a long time, as long as we cling to our liberty, and we stick to what we do best; which is make money.How long can the U.S. sustain itself with nail salons, burger joints, and coffee shops?
The NAIL SALONS? They are primarily controlled by those VIETNAMESE and they have been BLACK MARKETING our money for a VERY LONG TIME!

You hear them smiling, laughing how they send that money back.

Well, that is against the law they are not suppose to send OUR CURRENCY OVER THERE and that is what they do. They send our $100 BILLS back to VIETNAM and JACK OUR DOLLAR AND MAKE IT WEAKER.

If it had not been for those ';Charlies'; (South Vietnamese) being a traitor while we were there WE WOULD HAVE WON THAT DAM WAR.

I have heard them say THEY DIDN'T WANT TO COME HERE but since AMERIKA gave them so much THAT IS WHY THEY ARE HERE!

Not much longer...

I want to be able to buy a TV, cell phone, or computer that was made in the US, damn it. I want to be able to buy *something* that was made in America by Americans, but the wealthy elite and the republican party shipped everything overseas.
We need all business to make this country, but if all the manufacturing goes out of the country because they are taxed to death then we will not be able to sustain forever.

Time for people to wake up and realize what will happen.
Not long. A service-based economy doesn't create wealth, but rather shuffles money around. A return to a manufacturing-based economy will return jobs and create wealth. That won't happen so long as ';free trade'; is embraced by our elected officials. (Note that I did not call them ';leaders';)
It can't.

Real wealth is created by manufacturing, mining, and agriculture

Services just shift wealth around but don't create it.

It is criminal the way heart has been ripped out of our economy.
I don't know. We need our manufacturing base back, that's what builds real lasting capital. Us allowing our economy to go from manufacturing to service based was a big mistake. We need to get rid of the unions and build back our manufacturing . God bless.
The current economy is evident that it cant already...

Record trade deficits are just that.. More money going out than coming in.
As long as you are frequenting nail salons, burger joints and coffee shops.
Great Question. The problem is that we have a population that does not understand economics.
We'd just have to go back to doing that stuff for ourselves.
As long as we want, LOL!

Any african hair salons in minneaopolis, minnesota?

im going to one so i need a place there/Any african hair salons in minneaopolis, minnesota?
Thats so Funny no one ever asks about things in minnesota! I also live in minnesota so this is what I found.鈥?/a>

Bye and Hope i could help!Any african hair salons in minneaopolis, minnesota?
Try finding a salon employee or manager that can help.鈥?/a>

Do Dominican hair salons cut/style your hair naturally; without heat & chemicals?

I'm Jamaican American but my race is mixed so I got all this thick curly hair, but anyways, I wanted to know if you have to get your hair blowed out and straightened or do they know how to do your hair naturally like with no chemicals/ heat.Basically just trimming it and adding product. And I also was wondering whether they are generally resonably priced ($35 max) because I've been reading all this stuff about them making your hair long, soft, amazing and the such so I was wondering if it's really true.Do Dominican hair salons cut/style your hair naturally; without heat %26amp; chemicals?
Hey there. Hair salons are really really popular here in Dominican Republic, so the price is the least of your worries. It depends on many things like the city that you'll be. I don't live in the capital and they charge me about 6 dollars for washing and blowing my hair straight dry.

It also depends on the kind of hair you have. Mine is curly, but really thin, so it is kind of easy to dry. But a lot of people here have the kind of hair you have: thick and curly, my mom has hair like that, so they'll know how to handle it.

But I'll give you an advice though: if you don't want any chemicals in your hair be really really straighforward about it. Make it very clear that you don't want any chemicals 'cause they will try to convince you, and trust me, we can be really persuasive.

They use heat almost always though. The heat can be good to your hair, but it depends on the person that blows dry your hair. So be careful and find a good quality hair salon.

The long, soft and amazing hair is true but it requires time, pacience and a good quality hair salon. Like I told you, my mom has curly thick hair and they make it really straight and soft looking at the hair salon that we go. They just wash her hair and make it straigh with a blow dryer. They charge her 6 dollars for it.

Don't let yourself be decieved. Don't let them charge you more that 12 dollars (400$ Dominican pesos) just for washing and adding product to your hair. Even 12 dollars is a lot for that, but in the capital and turistic sites that's what they charge.

Hope this helps and good luck.Do Dominican hair salons cut/style your hair naturally; without heat %26amp; chemicals?
Yep i go every weekend they wash it, Set it, seat you under the dryer then blow it out straight put a little gloss and your done
Yes, they can treat hair naturally without heat.

I'd recommend you to go to the nearest one you have, tell them what you want, and let them do the job.

and if you don't like the result, then never come back..

it's simple :)

I don't know about the price.

Any good hair salons in Olympia, WA?

I just moved to Olympia and I'm looking for a good hair salonAny good hair salons in Olympia, WA?
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