Monday, December 21, 2009

Dreadlock salons for white people?

Ive been looking online everywhere for dreadlocks salons anywhere on the east coast. every site that ive found where they have client photos, all the pics are of african american people.. do you think theyd do dreads for me, since my hair texture is obviously very different? and does anyone here have dreads that got them done in a salon? tell me where please!Dreadlock salons for white people?
Forget this opinions of people that just not can answer a question! LooL! I'm not a dreadlock fan but I say if you like it do it!

I think you have to go there and ask! But I don't think they gonna say no!


And good Luck!Dreadlock salons for white people?
you a girl? it is so weird and your hair gets all knotty you have to get them naturally not just at a salon
do not get dreads. Don't you like to wash your hair. i think that they are disgusting. you'd look like a mop head.

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  1. Ignore that idiot.
    Dreads are not nasty. I don't know why black people think white dreads are nasty, because for caucasian hair to lock up, it has to be clean.
    Washing dreads on caucasian hair actually helps them mature faster.
    Why do black people think that dreads are so nasty, especially when it's ok for them to have the style? Do black people wash their hair?